Class gift

Dear Seniors and all those graduating,

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Your hard work and dedication has brought you to this point, and we are sure that the next steps in your life will lead you to great things. We hope that you enjoyed your time at AU with Catholic Campus Ministry. Wherever life takes you after you depart, we hope that you will become active members of the local parish in your area. 

Our goal is to ensure that future student experiences at Ashland feature a strong Catholic Campus Ministry program, as yours did. This is your opportunity to serve those after you and show them the pride you take in being an AU Catholic. If we come together and make a small commitment for the future, we can leave a permanent fund to provide resources for future CCM students at AU.

We are inviting you to make an ongoing pledge to our Alumni Legacy Program. For around $20 a month, you can help ensure that the legacy of Catholic Campus Ministry at Ashland University continues to thrive. 

To make a donation, select the Graduating Senior Legacy Gift from our secure partner Parish Pay and enter your class amount . ( i.e. class of 2015 = $20.15)

We thank you for your support and dedication to the program as a student, and look forward to our continued relationship as you proudly stand as both an Ashland University and a Catholic Campus Ministry alumni. Make sure to provide us with updates of what you are doing after graduation and view our alumni section of the webpage to see what your friends and past classmates are doing as well. 

Thank you.

Fr. Vince                                      Nate Ediger

Campus Minister                          Campus Minister